David Osorio joins DHG Legal

DHG Legal is pleased to announce and welcome David Osorio to our team.  David is passionate about worker’s rights, and is a tireless advocate for workers who have been subjected to illegal employment practices, including discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, and wage theft.  David’s experience will allow the firm to grow and continue serving an even larger swath of employees. We are thrilled David is a native Spanish speaker and that he will be based in Southern California, further expanding the firm’s state-wide practice.

“I’ve known David for years, going back to first year of law school. I have frequently consulted with him on thorny issues that came up for me in my work and am always amazed by his level of knowledge and creative thinking. When I started my own practice I envisioned creating a team that included David’s poise, character, and compassion.  I can’t say more about how thrilled I am David has joined us.  Our firm’s capacity to stand up for workers’ rights just went through the roof.  His litigation and trial experience is going to be a real game-changer,” said Daniel Galindo, firm founder.

David has represented clients as both Claimants and Respondents, in an array of commercial, employment, and civil claim contexts.  David has always sought equity, truth, and justice, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to achieve the best possible result for his clients.

Patrick Chao, Of Counsel, to DHG Legal since 2021 added, “David is mission driven, strategic, and diligent when representing his clients. I have had both the pleasure and privilege of not only working with him, but observing and learning his tactful and empathetic approach when representing his clients.”

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